Welcome to TNF Red Angus

TNF Red Angus is located 30 minutes  northwest of Edmonton at Riviere Qui Barre, ambulance Alberta.

Leonard Tufty grew up in the registered seed stock industry – his family raised Polled Hereford cattle and Yorkshire pigs. They were very successful, no rx winning many championships at Farmfair with the Yorkshires going back as early as 1951. Leonard’s father started raising Polled Herefords in the early 1970’s. The bulls were initially sold by private treaty, and then progressed to joint production sales with three other breeders.

Tammy grew up on a mixed farm where they had a large herd of commercial cattle, bison, sheep, horses, pigs and feathered animals.

The family is blessed with two girls, Jesse Joy and Katey Diane, who are becoming good little farm hands!

Leonard and Tammy have always enjoyed livestock, and have kept a small herd of commercial cattle. In 2002, they decided to use a Red Angus bull. They found the breed had changed drastically, and Red Angus continues to be their choice for bulls.

The seedstock side of the cattle industry has always interested Leonard, which led to the purchase of a few select registered Red Angus females. They believe it more economical to buy higher quality bulls with having both the purebred females and the commercial cows to breed. TNF Red Angus is continuing to grow their purebred herd while maintaining a few commercial cows.

The herd is small but does not lack quality! This was proven when they were fortunate to have the Grand Champion Female at both Farmfair and Agribition in 2011. They appreciate being part of a breed in which demands and quality are at a high!

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